Tips for Parents and Students Going Back to In-Person Learning

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4 min readAug 26, 2021
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After a year and a half of online learning, quarantine, and social distancing, schools are now reopening. Another adjustment is going to happen for parents and children, instead of transitioning into online learning, they are going to transition back to in-person learning. Though in-person learning was the norm for so long, it may seem foreign to students that have gotten used to online learning. There are so many additional things parents and students will have to consider when going back to in-person learning. Not only will students have to make sure their school work is in order, but they also, more than ever, need to make sure their physical health is in order. Here are some tips that can help make the transition back to in-person learning a lot easier.

Manage and Create a Morning Routine

Since students will be away from their homes when learning, it is essential that they have a morning routine. Parents can help by creating a checklist for their children of all the things they need to bring with them for school. This could be making sure they have the school supplies they need, making sure they bring in their assignment or homework and this also means making sure their child eats a nutritious breakfast. It’s understandable that parents are busy enough trying to make sure they are ready for work but if they can create a simple routine to help themselves and their child it will reduce some of the stress associated with getting their child back to school.

Stick to a Homework Schedule

Having a morning routine is important but what’s even more important is making sure students are dedicating their time to their schoolwork. The best way to have children stay on top of their schoolwork is to have them make a homework schedule. Since they will be coming back home instead of staying at home to learn, it may be more draining for them to be around their peers and teachers. It’s easy for students to come back home after a busy day at school and just want to relax and not think about school. However, students need to make sure they are prepared for the next day of learning and not get distracted when coming back home. In the beginning, it is best for students to set small manageable goals, making it easier to adjust back to in-person learning. The best thing about a routine is that after a few times sticking to it, it becomes a habit, and easier to do. Having a proper homework routine is a guaranteed way for students to achieve academic success.

Participate in Orientation Events

Orientations are probably more important this year than any other school year. Going back to in-person learning can be incredibly overwhelming for students. Orientations can help ease some of that stress since they allow for students and parents to meet teachers, map out classrooms and other significant locations in the school, understand the policies and rules of the school, and take a look at their schedule first hand. Students get a first-hand experience of what the school will be like and get familiar with in-person learning; plus they can meet up with some of their classmates and friends.

Student Involvement

The problem with remote learning is that it isolates the students and they hardly get an outlet to interact and participate with their peers. Getting involved is always important and parents sending their children to in-person learning should encourage them to get involved and join clubs and organizations. Clubs and organizations are excellent for students to make friends, build a network at their school and build skills. They are also great for high school students that want to apply for universities as they can make the student stand out. Of course, there are also sports for students to participate in which keeps them physically active after eight hours of sitting at their desk. By getting involved students can expect more from their education than they did with remote learning.

Regular Checkups

Checkups are unfortunately one of those things that are hardly talked about. This doesn’t mean just regular physicals or medical checkups although those are definitely needed. It also means mental health checkups for students and making sure they are not dealing with any internal problems that are affecting their personal and educational life. The school year is a stressful time for everyone, parents, and teachers included, but for students, it can be a time of frustration, uncertainty, and depression. Parents should try and make a routine to check up on their children to make sure they are feeling mentally well and to give their children an outlet to speak their minds on the things that are bothering them. In order for students to prosper in their education, they need a good support system and parents are the foundation of their support. Parents having a simple conversation with their children about their worries or anxieties can make a huge difference in their life.

Written By: Irfan Jeddy



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