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3 min readAug 2, 2021
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At the heart of every thriving community across the world, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of nonprofits contributing to that community. Not many people know just how important nonprofits are and how much they help communities stay strong, especially in times of need. Nonprofits help fill in the cracks of a community’s struggles so they can function more effectively. The ways in which a nonprofit organization can benefit society are almost endless and we, as a nonprofit, believe nonprofits serve as a stepping stone to any prosperous community.

Nonprofits Shine a Light on Important Issues

Oftentimes, especially in a community with a large population, many issues can go unaddressed. With so much information online and in the news, it’s easy for some social issues to go unnoticed. Nonprofits spread awareness on issues that are impacting not only one specific community but also communities around the world. With tens, if not hundreds, of participants, they are able to drive awareness from person to person and collect resources to help solve these issues. Nonprofits form and live at the source of the community that is being impacted, which makes them valuable when trying to understand the situation at hand.

Nonprofits Shape Our Democracy

Over many years, nonprofits have continually been able to bring people together for a common good. They’ve brought people from rural communities to sprawling urban cities. One advantage a nonprofit has is that it doesn’t require a lot to get it started. All it takes is for a few caring people to band together, take initiative and educate citizens in the community to help take action.

Nonprofits were at the forefront of some of the major advancements in this country, such as environmentalism, civil rights, gender equality, anti-war, and voter engagement, just to name a few. This is because nonprofits promote the essence of what a democracy is. They provide a platform for volunteerism, civic engagement, public education, and non-partisan voter education, which in turn makes nonprofits fundamental to democracy.

Nonprofits Contribute to the Economy

While it may seem unexpected, nonprofits are economic engines for society. It is quite staggering to see the numbers that nonprofits bring to society. U.S. nonprofits spend nearly $2 trillion annually and employ more than 10 percent of the total private workforce in the U.S. Not only do they employ millions of workers across the United States, but those workers also pay taxes on their wages, further contributing to public services in their cities. Depending on the nonprofit, they can end up spending a large portion of their donations on goods and services. Nonprofits spend nearly $1 trillion annually for goods and services, ranging from large expenses, like medical equipment for nonprofit hospitals, to everyday purchases such as office supplies, food, utilities, and rent. Of course, it’s already good enough that nonprofits help communities, but the monetary contribution that they bring adds an extra benefit.

Nonprofits Level the Playing Field

Since nonprofits shine a light on issues that go unnoticed, they help level the playing field for many people. Nonprofits give the disenfranchised a support system they can lean on to achieve a better standard of living. This is extremely necessary, especially due to the fact that nonprofits step in when others don’t. Sometimes the government or the private sector cannot (or will not) provide assistance to these groups of people. Nonprofits are the help in these trying times, and are a driving wellness in so many individuals’ lives.

This is what we do here at Pandemic Professors. We try our best to level the playing field for low-income students across the country. We strive to give them the resources they need to achieve academic success and partner with other organizations that can help us in our mission. We have hundreds of volunteers helping us out both internally and externally by spreading awareness to this issue at hand. Although we are still quite young, we want to grow our nonprofit to help even more low-income students balance the struggles of academic success.

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Written By: Irfan Jeddy



Pandemic Professors

Pandemic Professors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free online tutoring to students in low-income communities.