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Pandemic Professors
3 min readNov 29, 2021

The holidays are here, which means it’s the season to give. We are taking part in the giving season by hosting a Giving Tuesday event. For those that don’t know Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving which started in 2012 and always falls on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Due to our success last year we decided to host another event for Giving Tuesday to raise money for our organization.

The Purpose For Fundraising

The purpose of this event is for us to raise funds to aid in the creation of our own educational technology platform. Currently, Pandemic Professors use disparate systems for applications, onboarding, scheduling, data tracking, sessions, volunteer management, and much more. It creates an immense amount of work while also limiting the number of students we can serve and the impact we are able to measure.

How The Money Will Be Used

This platform would be a place for all of those disparate systems to be housed in one location, where they can interact and help the organization offer better services while measuring our impact. In addition to vastly improving our current systems, this platform would allow us to branch out into new offerings. The machine learning on the back end means we would be able to predict issues, unmet needs, and much more. The possibilities are actually limitless. We have the staff to execute this, we just need the tools to do so!

Those tools take money. We are volunteers who do this as a passion, so the biggest expense of labor is not an issue. However, we still need some training, platform fees, equipment, legal support, and unforeseen or expenses. While we are asking for a substantial amount, it is not large for what we are producing. The long-term outlook on this makes it an even greater proposition. While we are starting as a platform for Pandemic Professors and data insights, we have the ability to scale this to include other services and become an education data insights provider to educators. As the world grows more and more digital, we have the possibility to become the platform for educational assignments, communication, and data insights.

What to Expect?

Guests can expect a lot to take place during our event. Starting off we will have our Founder, Harley Simpson, give everyone an update on the wonderful progress we have been making to change education as we know it. Next, we will have a guest speaker, Bryan L. Miller, on building a better future for Edtech. Bryan L. Miller is an exciting guest for us because he has been an educational influencer and thought leader who has been traveling the world consulting with schools, districts, and conferences for the past 15 years. Finally, we will have a bit of fun before the event is over, we will be having a trivia night in which our guests can participate in. So join us in improving the academic future of the students we serve. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated. Click to learn more and see how you can give.



Pandemic Professors

Pandemic Professors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free online tutoring to students in low-income communities.